five great feelings

April 19, 2009

1. unexpectedly finding old new-clothing in the wardrobe

2. popping a pimple

3. finishing the crossword (no i don’t get this very often, some crosswords are impossible to finish)

4. ogling eiffel tower pictures in every possible angle, night + day (i love how it lights up at night against a spangly starry sky)

5. sleeping in on the weekends!!! (i would say i appreciate this the most)

and might i add

hot chocolate + hazelnut gelati + profiteroles = love sweet love ❤


One Response to “five great feelings”

  1. gwenda Says:

    hehe popping a pimple! oh oh i love the aftermath admiration of used pore-packs too.. all the little extracted gunk sticking out of the paper like statues!

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