pro-wait for it-crastination

May 10, 2009

i’m beginning to freak out. my presentation is due in 2 days and i haven’t even compiled my data, instead ive been happily procrastinating- watching tv, eating my kitchen down, typing random things into ebay to see what i find…. omg i’m doing everything but what i’m supposed to now. even now as you can see i’m blogging. what is wrong. with me!! anyway today i bought myself booties! like finally. ive been wanting them since a year and a half ago, but never found one that i really liked…. until today. i am feeling really happy that i will be well protected against the harsh wintry season this year. i got new suede gloves last week at a steal, and a trenchcoat early on in march. all i need now is a huge cream wool scarf that will envelop my neck and keep it toasty. ok i think i will go do some real work now.

p.s. does anyone think that grey’s anatomy is just getting better and better? it’s so good it’s breaking my heart.


3 Responses to “pro-wait for it-crastination”

  1. stayinggold Says:

    is it getting better? it just seems to get more tragic and soap opera-ish. on the other hand, BBT is just fantastic!!! go sheldon!

  2. Suf Says:

    Hi, So sorry to disturb. I actually need some advice on Monash med applications, but can’t seem to find out more on the net. Is there anyway I can actually contact you (like e-mail address)? Thanks so much. And so sorry again.

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