June 17, 2009

ive discovered that geriatricians are generally one of the nicest groups of doctors ever. there is something about them that is so genial and gentle (they all have soft soothing voices to start with) and …nice. sorry if i run out of adjectives but nice is just ……nice. i don’t even think they could ever get angry and they all probably have very low systolic blood pressures ahaha. my resident wants me to give patients local before cannulating them, because its “cruel” to stab them with a 20G cannula. after which he offered to demonstrate by injecting lignocaine on himself (aww) but i stopped him in time ahaha.

anyway i was in one our 3 hour long multidisciplinary team meetings and we were talking about ambulances…did you know that a one-way ambo trip to the ED costs 800 dollars???? oh my stars. that is like nearly the cost of one LV speedy 25.

“Mr and Mrs G are worried about finances, especially since they’ll get an ambulance bill.”

“Ambulances are crazy expensive- if you’re not a pensioner or veteran you pay the full cost. My dad lives around the corner from the hospital, but he had to be taken by ambulance and the bill was just frightful.”

“your dad should’ve walked to the hospital…”

“well im sure my dad would’ve walked, unfortunately for him he had a stroke. and by the way the bill was eight hundred dollars.”

“so i assume you had to foot the bill?”

“no i just had to tick the box where it said ‘pensioner’.”

i was giggling in my head the whole time.


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