bye mike

June 29, 2009

i was going to check theAge for weather predictions when i saw the headline that MJ was ‘dead’ and farah fawcett had passed away. i was a little stunned but then MJ has had lots of ‘faints’ and strange medical illnesses that elude us all, so i thought maybe that was one of his latest pub stunts….i wish it were so though. it is funny how no one really missed MJ, seeing as he was out of the pop scene for a long time…. basically he was absent – no music, no drama, only little paparazzi snippets of his veil enshrouded kids in video shops once in a while. and we all just sort of kept him at the back of our minds but we never really asked ‘hm what do you think MJ’s up to lately?’. and once he’s physically gone, everyone starts to ‘care’. it’s like that stuffed animal that you had for ages, it was always sitting that same dusty corner of your room but you never really noticed it. then when you realised it was missing you kicked up a huge ballastic fuss over it… people are a bit strange (myself included).

anyway i never really saw him as a 50-year-old person. he just never really grew up- like a peter pan of sorts…. old(er) people die of cardiac arrests, not MJ. ive seen octogenarians revived after CPR from an arrest…so why not a ‘fit’ 50 year old…? it didn’t really sink in until i was listening to billie jean (my favourite MJ song) on my iPod and realised that the world would never have another enigma like him…. goodbye king of pop 😦

and on the other hand some people are already making fun of his passing… i saw goodnewsweek last night and they were rather unkind
“so the coroner hasn’t exactly defined the cause of MJ’s death, but we can be certain that if it was indeed swine flu, those face masks did jacksh*t.”

ok so i laughed at it cause it was funny but that’s still quite mean


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