when i was little

June 30, 2009

i wanted to be a mermaid. i watched The Little Mermaid at least 10 times on videotape and i wanted red hair, a shell-bra and a green tail. my mom said mermaids only exist in cartoons and fairytales, but once i saw a movie where a girl (who was really a mermaid) got to roam the streets in the US of A and whenever her feet touched water, her tail would materialise and my most poignant memory of that was when she would blow-dry her tail after a shower to make it disappear. does anyone remember that movie?

anyway i am going to india in less than a week and i haven’t packed. haven’t even started, frick. i tried to book my train tix online and it was a nightmare. i dunno why but my credit card transactions kept screwing up due to some odd connection error. on my 4th try i succeeded…thank God. a part of me wants to strangle myself for putting me in the precarious situation of travelling to a remote part of india, alone; and yet a part of me feels good that at least i know i always had that adventurous streak in me…. ive always been sheltered and only God knows how much i struggle between independence and tearing myself away from the parental overprotective-ness i’ve grown so used to over the years. well, i think i’ll hardly ever get a chance like this to have a ‘real’ adventure (unless i go eurotripping on a budget) and this is it. so, dangerous or not, i’m giving this a go and will try to be as streetsmart as possible and pray that God’s hand will be upon me… i am really looking forward to immersing myself in third world medicine, to be wowed by the magic of clinical diagnosis, without lab tests and radiology and all things hi-tech….. well, it’s about time.


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