must not

August 24, 2009

1. cut people off midway in speech when excitement cannot be contained (i am always pre-empting people when i think i know what they’re going to say…

eg. ‘i just graduated-‘

‘from the US?’

‘yes. i did e-‘

‘ooh i bet you did engineering?’

‘yes, computer engineering. i just started work, actually.’

‘do you like your job? no wait don’t answer, im sure you do, right??’

OMG how annoying am i. i apologize if i do that when i talk to you, it’s like my brain is listening but my mouth has a mind of its own… anyway i only do that when i’m excited to speak to you… honest. please don’t slap/think of slapping me.

2. keep buying anymore copies of US Vogue (even though nothing beats a glossy magazine, and the September issue looks thick and therefore value for money) because am fast running out of dough to buy work clothing/shoes!!

3. spend any more money on pants that are of a ridiculous colour, eg. magenta-blue because it is not work-appropriate, even if i think i can pull it off.

4. overeat to point of bursting. eukkk.


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