my life is perfect…

September 9, 2009

even when it’s not.

yes i read this in an Amex ad featuring Ellen DeGeneres, and found this sentence oxymoronically true and highly applicable to my present circumstance. Loving my life right now even though it’s hardly ideal, but I do have what I need: family, friends, imminent graduation(!), a job, fulfillment in my life….. I am super thankful.

There is no such thing as a perfect life in my book. Life is never static, it’s always changing; an accident can turn your so-called perfect life into a disaster, or the loss of someone dear can turn your world upside down…. It’s so unpredictable that one needs to wholly embrace all of it’s crazy surprises, pleasant or not, in order to be sane… haha. I feel like there are some gaps in my life right now and I know I’ll always be lacking in some things, but I know I can’t wait for things to change, or for the stars to be aligned so that my world will be complete. It’s perfectly fine the way it is now, and I am happy. : )


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