September 19, 2009

i had a perfect friday. i wish all fridays could be like this.

it was my last day at KK but i wagged it and snoozed till 12 noon, having slept a full 10 hours which left me feeling very refreshed and satisfied. had my breakfast and surfed the net for a bit, read some Little Women (which is really good btw) and then lazed a bit more in bed… so at this point i felt extremely sloth-like and contemplated going for a run…but the skies were gloomy and it started to rain heavily….so i decided i wasn’t meant to exert myself physically (hahaha). dad cooked me a nice porridge lunch and i ate it watching The Proposal, which i really really enjoyed cause it was sooo sweet and touching; anyways i cried so much that my eyes became swollen and my cheeks were all tear-stained and blotchy! yikes. i was semi-panicking cos it was 5pm then, and i was meeting the girls at 7 for our dinner date. naturally i piled ice on my eyes copiously to help the swelling subside but it was in vain cos i’d been crying for a good hour (please don’t tell me that The Proposal is a sort of comedy, i know.) but thank God for concealer, which stopped me from looking like a trainwreck ahaha.

Dinner was at Raw, a fusion food restaurant that the girls had discovered awhile ago and loved it so much that they wanted to bring me. up till now i cannot decide if i like fusion food or not. i think it’s fun to flirt with flavors but deep inside i’m still a stickler for tradition and authenticity… anyway i really liked the place. very homely decor, and we had open-air seats in a sort-of verandah with sprawling vines and lots of ball-shaped rice paper lanterns dangling above us. plus there was a huge retro stereo just beside us, playing the most old-school songs ever! love. we had ufo gyoza for starters (not bad), i had edamame-almond crumb with seabass and pumpkin mash (divine), addie had the honey pork and basil rice (also good) and sal had the chilli lamb bolognese (a tad spicy). the service was also wonderful and we three had a lovely time! so craving dessert, in particular anything with green tea in it, we adjourned to the 24-hours Starbucks at cityhall (my haven) and had green tea lattes and frappes and cappucino cheesecake (which was absolutely fab) and chatted from 1130 to 130am… from work crap to holidays and travels to shopping to more foodie places to try out to love and weddings… iv realised that we are such yabbers but it’s great how we never run out of things to say and always have sooo much fun when we’re together….i love.

my friday was delightful. hope yours was just as awesome! x


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