of douchebags and such

October 6, 2009

back in freezing old melbs! apart from the ghastly weather i am pleased to announce that i have started taking driving lessons (i know! it’s like WHEN will she ever learn how to drive…. :s) and in the meantime am trying to steal as much time off my emergency rotation as possible. i love being in the hospital but this rotation has been absolutely horrid…. the hospital in question is notorious for being haphazard, disorganised and *substandard* and boy was i proven right on my first day there. (actually i kind of skipped orientation cos H who was meant to pick me up got stoned!!!! yes true story.) i did my first night shift yesterday from 4pm to midnight and only 2 hours into the shift i was cursing, because i got assigned to Dr T (who was a complete tool).

first of all we see this patient, Mrs B who had come in with chest pain yaddayadda and he made me write up her case notes, put in a drip and take bloods- all of which were pretty reasonable. i was also told to take bloods again at 8pm to reassess her cardiac enzyme levels, so i made sure to remind myself when the time came. an hour later, Mrs B got shifted to another unit and Dr T said, “hey i put in a request for Mrs B’s chest x-ray, but it hasn’t been done, can you go find out why?” so i said i’d go and off i went to see the radiology people, who said they were kind of busy and would do it soon, but if i brought her around they’d do it straightaway. so off i went to Dr T and reported the situation, so he said “yeah go ahead, bring her there.” and i asked where Mrs B had been shifted to. he said “DMU”, and since it was only my 3rd time in the hospital i said i didn’t know and asked for directions, to which he gave me this look that implied i was an idiot and said just go straight and turn left. of course it wasn’t just “go straight and turn left”… it was more like go straight, walk past 2 doors and then turn into a dubious corridor and turn left again. so anyway i found Mrs B, and was going to wheel her off to radiology when the nurse said i couldn’t take off her ECG leads until Dr T gave formal consent to do so. i said i’d already spoken to Dr T but for the sake of being clear i ran back to the ED to ask Dr T. once again he looked at me like i was some idiot. DUH i know she doesn’t need to be monitored all the time but the nurse was being anal and i HAD to have formal consent. so he said yesyesyes go ahead and then i ran back to DMU to wheel Mrs B who was a large woman into radiology and i was seriously panting by then… at this point he strolled into radiology and said, “oh why did you wheel her yourself? couldn’t you get a nurse or someone?” seriously, WTF. it doesn’t kill to take a patient to radiology yourself. how LAZY can you get??!!

the rest of the shift goes like this: he makes me write up all his patient case notes, take bloods and chase the pathology results and write up the management plan. his only job is to scribble up cursory discharge letters and then send ME to go speak to his patients and discharge them. and no he doesn’t tell me what to tell them- so it’s my call, really. since he said “JUST TELL THEM THEY CAN GO” i figured he couldn’t care less, so i counseled and gave advice to his 3 patients… thankfully they were quite grateful to be discharged and didn’t seem to mind that their actual treating doctor didn’t come to see them. and where was he? on a smoke break. i have nothing against taking smoke breaks but to put matters into perpective, he disappeared for ages, came back smelling like an ashtray and made me do all his dirty work…. all the nurses kept asking me where the heck he was and when they couldn’t get hold of him they started taking orders from me, a lowly med student. i was soooo incensed, that the phrase “WTF” was replaying in my mind 20x over, like those scrolley words you see on screensavers. because seriously, this is bullshit. i think one of the consultants actually saw those WTFs because he came over and asked me if Dr T was treating me alright. technically i could have said “NO he’s being a douche as you already know” but deep inside i could not summon my sense of righteousness so i merely smiled and said “yes”. ya i know…… im weak like that. or rather it’s easy to do someone in but i’d rather give him a chance, D-bag that he is and all. although if ever he demonstrates such negligence again, i am going to be Little Miss Tattle-tale.

….. i am sooo glad im not working in this hospital next year.


One Response to “of douchebags and such”

  1. zhuan Says:

    whatttt!!! he sounds like a complete idiot. and btw i absolutely HATE doctors who smoke. gosh. anyway … are you working in melb next year?

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