November 2, 2009

im supposed to turn in now but i’m way too excited for sleep. come morning i will dress in my (not-so) finest and adorn my head with flowers for Cup Day! yay! i didn’t manage to get a new dress or a ridiculous OTT fascinator as i would have liked to (these things are crazy expensive!!) but i think it will be an amazing experience. my first melbourne cup- horseys, strawberries and champagne here we come! i hope we don’t get drunk before noon- that’d be an outright shame. i’ve never been one to bet on horses (or the lotto for that matter) but i think i shall try my luck! cannot believe that i’ve been watching the races for the last 3 weeks and now i’m actually reading betcards online omg. i sort of feel like some dork looking at all these stats. why do horses have such weird names like Enzed Girl or Whipthebrewer? ahaha. last year my seniors won $150 (they bet $3 on a random horse that had 50:1 odds and it won!!) -amazing. so my strategy is this: pick ANY horse that has odds>30:1 and doesn’t have a retarded-sounding name!


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