December 7, 2009

this holidays = moving house + adminadminadmin + prepping for grad & fam’s arrival. i am so knackered! i met vanessa, my financial planner this morning for a consultation which went on for a good 1.5 hours. let me just say that i am clueless about taxes and salary packaging and financial matters. i am bad with money and choose to be an ignoramus with regard to finances, not because i’m not interested, but because the stress of having to handle multiple accounts and stocks and bonds and loans is not something i’d like to get myself entangled with. the only investments i’m getting excited about are the ones i can see in my future closet- low risk and guaranteed returns (emotional gratification)! anyways. vanessa was awesome and very patient, so it was educational for me, and i walked out feeling a bit smarter. after that i caught a tram to the city and embarked on my hunt for the perfect blouse to wear for my graduation ceremony….. which involved a lot of futile walking. at one point i walked all the way from melbourne central to collin’s st because i was craving macaroons from lindt cafe (so. worth.it.) after 5 pathetic hours of walking, i was flat out and couldn’t move anymore so i settled for a flowy chiffon tank which was very gorgeous (but was waaay overpriced). when i got home i did a bit of packing and tidying as well, since im moving soon and let’s just say moving is a right pain. garh. i haven’t been this grumpy and tired in a long time and would much rather run 10 Ks than pack my clothes into bags. how is it possible that iv been at it for DAYS but the pile isn’t shrinking?! >.< the fams is coming tomorrow so i’ll have to finish packing by then! on a happier note, im quite excited to bring the fams around and finally have them see me graduate!! have been mad busy planning an itinerary and making calls and reservations as well, on top of scuttling to and fro the hospital for admin matters. so yes, it’s the holidays but im busier than ever. very ironic but true.

ooh and i finally met up with the p53 + neurosurg gang on saturday for kai’s farewell… love how the regs were so sweet and being their usual goofy selves and also buying us dinner and drinks! (ok when you earn shedloads of $$$ you kinda have to get the check, it’s only right… right?) anyway it was fun! though i felt a bit jarred after 3.5 glasses of wine and was getting very sleeeepy but i made it home and crashed on the bed pronto. haha! okay. am not sure what the point of this post is, but even if there was one i seem to have lost it. the last thing i would like to say before i end off is: two and a half men is heeee-lairrrr-eeee-ousss! jake and allan harper together = GOLD.


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