December 13, 2009

hm i’m so tired and sleepy but i can’t/don’t want to sleep even though my snuggly warm bed looks so inviting and… soft. also i have this preoccupation to blog about the random things running through my head. the fams have just left, after a wonderful 5 days chock full of touristy activities and graduation flurry. in a sense i guess i was really very happy to have them celebrate with me, even though it rained and i was running late and my mortarboard kept sliding off my head (ahaha). and also for the wonderful friends who came to take pictures with me, the same people who have stuck with me since i first knew them years and years ago, thank you so much! xxx

went for the one-day great ocean road trip with the fams yesterday, it was sooo beautiful (even on the second time round) and im glad everyone loved it, esp my dad who was busy videocamming to the point of making a docu… haha. even the lunch was fantastic!

anyways ive been living in a serviced apartment in the city for the last couple of days and i swear i could really get used to city living. i love love love how i can run down to woolies in 10minutes or walk around the shops whenever i please without having to take PT… i even love listening to the sound of the trams approaching on the tracks when i go to bed at night. man i’m a city girl through and through. i was sad to have to check out of the beautiful place today, but i had to. đŸ˜¦ sent the fams off at 8am, then went to coles to get some pods and chocolat to bring home for friends, then caught the train to the dreary suburbs i call home, and checked my facebook first things first (ahaha facebookoholic much?) then gmail then made myself a large bowl of toasted muesli and cherries and strawberries. very yummy! need another bowl. toodles!


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