foodie bug

December 20, 2009

i have always been much of a self-proclaimed “foodie”, by which i mean dining and wining to gluttonous excess and harboring a niggling desire for sweets and treats 24/7. this time round i have once again been hit by what i term the “festive foodie bug”, a syndrome that afflicts me when spirits are high and being back home for a limited period of time gives me a passport to eat my way into oblivion. i am still very much obsessed with food, only now i’m into french delicacies and delightful pastries, as inspired by julie & julia (which was great btw) and having lots of friends who appreciate food and drink (one of whom was professionally trained in pastrymaking in switzerland!) certainly feeds this obsession… although my pockets are doomed to suffer cos (good) food is bloody expensive… plus the wine……. egads.

however, and hopefully, i shall endeavor to read and learn more about the food i love, develop an appreciation for wine and through it all attempt to keep the waistline down (haha). though i cannot promise you that i will dutifully document my gastronomic journey- too lazy + no flair for culinary critique (ie. limited vocabulary = describing food with same old staid adjectives to the point of repeating “wonderful” 5 times in one paragraph.)

now reading: garlic and sapphires by ruth reichl – adventures of a NYTimes food critic in disguise. yums!


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