here’s to tomorrow

January 4, 2010

i know i am 4 days too late but yet again, i feel obligated to do my 2009 round-up and 2010 resolutions

in 2009, i (in chronological order)

– had the best time in neurosurgery with K and KR!

– went bonkers in a mad scramble to write 6 cover letters and attend 4 interviews all in 2 weeks

– went to India on my own for an awesome 6 weeks doing rural medicine/surgery, made some amazing friends from all over the world, ate curry 24/7 for breakfast lunch dinner (have slight aversion to curry now), trekked the hills of Ooty and visited the famous temples in Madurai, beached out in Mams and Pondicherry…. (ohh you can so tell i miss India heaps.)

– returned to singapore for a wonderful 6 weeks, finally saw my brother who returned from london, stuffed myself silly with local delights and ate about 5 whole durians and 8 mooncakes in 2 weeks.

– got my first full-time non-vacation job everrr! here’s to big bucks…. not.

– GRADUATED FROM MED SCHOOL, with all the love and blessings from friends and family. 5 years of uni culminated in one very long-awaited day, the day i made my parents proud and struggled to keep my mortarboard from sliding off my head!

– returned back to singapore for yet another very short-lived holiday, and received 2 texts from sally and addie the moment i switched my phone upon touching down at changi, along the lines of “ELEEEEE!!! ARE YOU BACKKKK???” and felt so loved by my amazing friends. love you babes!

– did not lose my holiday weight from 2008 (booo!)

– cried and stuffed myself silly with chocolate so many times that ive lost count, but always having a friend to cry on 🙂

2009 was NOT fantastic, but neither was it entirely horrible, because the good outweighed the crap. and no matter how bad the bad times were, i always knew i was extremely fortunate….. so im glad for 2009, for all it was worth. hopefully 2010 will take me to a fresh new beginning and see me a happier, wiser, nicer person. i don’t follow resolutions even though i take the trouble to set them but this time i only have 3: 1. LIVE WELL beneath my means and learn to LOVE MYSELF 2. LOVE GOD 3. LOVE OTHERS. happy 2010 guys, i hope you have an awesomely fantastical year ahead. c’est tout!


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