fur reals!

January 16, 2010

so yesterday i spent 4 hours shadowing my current intern, who basically had to hand over the care of 13 patients to me…. garhfp. met my registrar who is super nice and LOVES coffee like i do. yay to coffee breaks! she gave me a huge hug and said “we’re gonna get along so well!” i am relieved. nothing beats having an approachable boss… and one who appreciates coffee and sweets like i do! we had a family meeting today and met some of the patients… they all seem pretty manageable, some needing more attention than the other and about 2 or 3 i need to turf to rehab on monday. i hope i manage to cope! and the bestest thing that made my day- staying back an extra 30mins to appease angry family and managed to make them happy again! hooorayyyyy. i still can’t believe that i am starting work for reals on monday….apart from shaking hands with all the patients i will most likely be autographing a million drug charts. fingers crossed that it all goes well!!


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