first day report card

January 18, 2010

worked from 0730 to 1915 (meant to knock off at 17ooh.)

no. of toilet trips made during shift: ZERO

no. of sips of water taken during shift: ZERO

no. of calories consumed during shift: 300

no. of discharges: 2!!

no. of referrals: 2!

no. of IVs done: 1

no. of steps walked: 786374376432334

no. of coffees drunk: 2 (yay hazelnut latte)

no. of times spent staring at cute pharmicist: countless

that said, i am most probably going to develop acute renal failure at some point in time but at least i have a motivation to drag myself out of bed (= cute pharmicist).


2 Responses to “first day report card”

  1. kai Says:

    are you being dirk now with hazelnut latte??
    and is pharmacist a real one or student?

  2. el Says:

    real pharmicist! iv seen him since i was a 3rd yr medico… hahah eh hazelnut latte is really really nice… i wish i tried it sooner!!!

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