destroy me this way

March 14, 2010

so this space is collecting dust and i can’t help but think that the older i get, the more i’m over this blogging bizo. it’s not just work that’s sucking the life out of me that i can’t make time to post, it’s more like i can’t really be bothered. sure, i see heaps of interesting cases everyday, and loads of hilarious things happen on a regular basis…. theres just so much i want to share, but i can’t muster the enthusiasm to do so. i’ll try and do my best not to let my precious handful of readers down, but don’t expect too much! anyways. doctoring has been great so far, some days are insanely hectic, some days are pleasantly cruisy and most days emotionally and physically drained, but i still love my job nonetheless. interestingly though, most of my patients don’t believe i’m a doctor….. which is a little sad but 70% of my patients are over 80 (and once i had a 100 year old lady) and i guess if i were 80ish i’d think it strange to have someone 3x younger boss me around. in any case, of that 70% of octogenarians, half are really sick or have dementia and don’t really care.

and tomorrow we go on a crazy merry go round of a week again. God please gimme simple straightforward cases. no more undiagnosed cancers pleeeaasssse!


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